Born in Monterey, California Whitney Stolich spent her entire childhood on a fifty-acre horse ranch. Having lived in so much open space she questioned urban spaces and decided to immerse herself into one of the largest, Los Angeles, in 1993 to attend Loyola Marymount University. She chose to major in Urban Planning in an attempt to understand the choices that were made within cities and their surrounding areas. Four years after graduating from LMU with a B.A. she attended Otis College of Art and Design to further her studies. She obtained an M.F.A. in 2004. Her work is primarily photographic.

Her artistic interests focus on themes belonging to the common ground of these two fields: that is, the complex reality often caused by economic development in western societies, as well as the way this can be visualized through the photographic medium. For example, in her series Landuse (2003-2004) she examined aspects of the residential development in southern California, in a way that seems to be suspended between reality and the elliptical vision of a scale model. In her series Third Space 2004-2005) and Land Above Sky Below (2007-2008) correspondingly, she attempts to read into two different aspects of land ownership, constantly renewing her artistic language according to the subject matter's requirements.

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